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For the past 35 years ProHealth has dedicated itself to providing its customers with the highest quality products in the world. Since the company’s founding in 1988, ProHealth’s core mission has been to research, discover and make available the most cutting edge nutritional supplements to improve the lives of our customers. Find out more in Our Story.

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Happy customer

I’ve been taking ProHealth’s NMN Pro 1000 for a year now at the recommendation of Dr. Sinclair and his research. It’s tough to put in words as to how it’s helped me. However, over that period my blood work has made tangible strides for the better and I feel good.

NMN Pro™ Complete - Uthever® NMN, Trans-Resveratrol, TMG - 75 grams

Collagen that works!

Effective collagen product that help ease my joint pain and keeps my skin looking young.

very good

compared to other brands it dissolves way faster under the tongue, leaving no residue, I recommend it

It does make a difference

I noticed a difference in less than a week. My memory is much better, I feel more alert. I am very pleased and honestly surprised. I have tried different products from time to time and none of them worked.

Excellent choice

I have researched before deciding the powder form of Resveratrol. This was an excellent decision in terms of the quality and cost.

TMG Pro Tablets - 1000 mg, 120 tablets

Trans-Resveratrol Plus - 1000 mg per serving, 60 capsules

Trans-Resveratrol Plus - 1000 mg per serving, 60 capsules

Steady energy through out the day

Simply The Best

My wife & I religiously take these collagen peptides daily.

Nmn pro 1000

Definitely helps feel a bit better overall

Very good

Uplifting, good energy! Much vitality.

Great product but better to buy a larger dose

It works great, but with only 30 pills at 2-3 a day runs out fast. Recommend buy more, or larger dose.

We love trans resveratrol

We love transresveratrol, but the way it is packaged is so inconvenient because when we use the scoop, our hands are covered with the powder. We had to transfer it to another container for easier access.

Pro 1000

I have tried various strengths of this product, and I find that the 1000mg seems to improve my workouts on cardio days. Anecdotal, but I'll stick with it.

Clean high quality NMN

This product gives me energy and mood elevation. It is tasteless, easy dissolvable and has near intstant energy effects.

A safe product with high purity

great product.

Super Rapido

Definitivo se siente el poder y los beneficios muy bueno

Getting Older but Better

My wife has puppy dogs that are downstairs. I am climbing up and down stairs all day it seems. I figure in an average day about 20 times up and down stairs. So that is 16 steps going up times 20 trips which is 320 steps going up and 320 steps going down. I am 76 and NMN is part of every day for me and keeps me climbing those stairs.

just used not sure how good yet

I am keeping taking one capsule per day. my diet goes well and I feel energetic not sure if its the NMN or lifestyle change

Love this!

It gives me energy within a few minutes without the nervous energy. I can go harder and longer in the gym. I can stay active all day. It's a game changer. I'm 52 and needed an energy boost.

this has been amazing

my BP was at 199 and in 1 month (along with exercise) my BP is down in the 130's and occasionally hitting in the 120's. It really has made a difference in how I feel. thank you!

NMN powder

We received it quickly, well packaged. It looks right and tastes like I think it should. Weight was 100grams as it was supposed to be.